World Economic Forum Criticized as ‘Unelected World Government’; Food Programs Include Bugs and Lab-Grown Meat

The World Economic Forum (WEF) wrapped up its 2023 meeting in Davos, Switzerland, facing public pressure over its programs to influence government through business, investment, and partnerships. Elon Musk received millions of responses on Twitter when he raised the question of whether the WEF should “control the world.” The answer was a resounding “no,” but it raised deeper questions over what the organization has come to represent. Is it just a business and finance organization, or is it becoming a global unelected government?

Meanwhile, WEF’s plan for “alternative” foods is now becoming better known. The agenda openly includes bugs, lab-grown meat, and lab-grown plants, as the organization looks to recreate the way that people grow and consume food.

In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp, we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

Davos 2023 Exposes the Enemies of Humanity

Tell us you have declared war on the United States and all free people of the world without telling us you have declared war on the United States and all free people of the world.

The architects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathered once again. Flocking together like vultures of a feather. Panicking about the climate change fortunes they should have been squeezing out of the globe by now via carbon taxes.

Some arrived to fully insert foot into mouth and reveal their true nature as populist traitors. While the globalist swine behind the scenes desperately forced their minions to unleash holy hell on the truth still pouring out of holes in the totalitarian dyke. In fact West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin may never recover from this.

Their private jets causing a total of 9,700 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of about 350,000 average cars in a week. Checking into the decadent lavishness that Switzerland provides with facilities brimming with prostitutes. Protected by 5000 soldiers.

Proclaiming their dominance and exclusion over humankind as a far superior species right out of the Nazi playbook.

Oddly the hypocrisy began with George Soros flaking out on his comrades and Klaus Schwab slow to start with a health issue. While 99 year old Henry Kissinger muttered ramblings of Ukraine joining NATO, which would absolutely cause a nuclear stand off and untold annihilation.

But weakness, somberness and unpopularity had overtaken the proceedings. Reeling from the out in the open creation of a bioweapon and an MRNA vaccine killing and injuring people of all walks of life daily. Schwab’s Nazi fever dream for the 21st Century and a handful of sociopaths are finding themselves absolutely rejected by free humanity and its true future. Making them the most dangerous threat to humanity we have ever faced.