We Have Been Lied to About Every Part of the COVID Pandemic, Says Dr. Michael Yeadon

Dr. Michael Yeadon joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how the public was lied to in every way about the COVID pandemic.

“We’ve been lied to by government officials and corporate types about absolutely everything to deal with this so-called virus pandemic,” said Yeadon Tuesday. “The severity of the public health threats, the necessity to lockdown, asymptomatic transmission, the use of masks, mask testing, and finally, vaccines. Every single part of the narrative is a lie, scientifically proven.”

Yeadon goes on to detail his findings and stresses the importance of anyone listening to this interview to personally spread the word.

“They’re not frightened of me because they figure I won’t be heard. So please listen, what I ask is for you to memorize two or three of the powerful things I just told you & tell ten other people. The mass media is never going to tell them.”

Additionally, Yeadon said the globalists’ system of full-spectrum control is ready to enter its operation phase – and the key ingredients, digital ID and central bank digital currencies are about to be implemented.

“Digital ID is the heart of tyranny,” said Yeadon. ‘We are near the point where they’ll say: ‘If you don’t get your next jab, you won’t be allowed to buy gasoline, travel, or buy food.’ This system is ready to go.”