The Glenn Beck Program – The Great Reset Gets WORSE?! | Guests: Rep. Jim Jordan & Andy Roth | 1/11/23

Glenn explains how the Great Reset is getting worse, including an official digital currency being implemented sooner rather than later and the worsening war on energy. Glenn and Stu discuss various topics, including President Biden’s hidden classified documents and the possibility of Glenn Beck running in 2024. Rep. Jim Jordan joins to discuss the new Church-like committee he is helming and the outcomes he believes will come from planned investigations. Co-author of “The Great Reset” Justin Haskins joins Glenn to discuss the sequel book currently in production, the successes of the first book, and where the fight currently stands as the annual meeting in Davos is looming. President of the State Freedom Caucus Network Andy Roth lays out what his state freedom caucus does and how you might not be living in the conservative state you think you are.