Neil DeGrasse Tyson Gets in Heated Debate Over Vaccine Mandates: ‘It’s Not About You!’

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson got into a heated debate with podcast host Patrick Bet-David over the efficacy of the covid vaccine.

During the podcast released Monday, Bet-David and Tyson discussed the sample size done for the covid vaccine trials.

“From what we knew at the beginning of covid to what we know today, what do we know about the vaccine today that we didn’t know while we were all testing it on America, taking it? What have we learned now?” Bet-David asked.

“What do you mean testing it on America? There were tests before it was released,” Tyson clarified.

Bet-David insisted that although the vaccine was tested for nine months, that paled in comparison to the standard 5-to-10 year period for other new, potential vaccines.

“It was tested on in trials,” Tyson said. “Okay. By the way, I’m — I’m not claiming to be the expert on all this. I read all the same things you have. But I’m a scientist, so I read it as a scientist. Okay. They were trials. That’s what the point of phase 1, 2, 3 trials are all about. They’re tested enough to get data on how to then advise the larger population. Yes, It was tested. For you to say it wasn’t tested, is a gap between your awareness and understanding, how things work and what actually happened.”

Bet-David said he’d have preferred if people had a choice in taking the vaccine, based on whether or not they were comfortable with the sample size of the trial versus, as opposed facing vaccine mandates such as some government employees.

“There’s a public health contract that you have signed implicitly as a citizen of a country where in part we depend on each other for health, our wealth, our security, and the like,” Tyson responded.

“And that contract is in the best scientific evidence available at the time. If you do not get vaccinated, you will put other people in this organization at risk. And that organization does not want to take that risk. So you do not have this job anymore if you decline it. So in with any public health decision, there has to be a consequence to you not participating in that social contract contract,” he added.

“Is it your job? In some cases it was, but no, we’re not gonna have the army bust into your home and force a needle into your shoulder. That’s not gonna happen,” he explained.

“We pretty much did that,” Bet-David insisted.

As the conversation continued, Bet-David compared the choice to an abortion.

“Somebody may say, ‘Well, freedom of choice. I want to choose what I wanna do with the body,” he began.

“If you want to get an abortion, get an abortion. If I want to get the vaccine, I get to choose. So you can’t force — if I can’t force you to get an abortion, you shouldn’t be able to force me to get the –”

“It’s not about you,” Tyson interjected. “It’s about people you interact with. And that’s the social contract of public health.”

“But we don’t — we don’t even know if the vaccine worked or not at the time,” Bet-David said.

“Yes! That’s what the trials are, dude, that’s why these trials — are you missing data out there?” Tyson said frustrated.

While Tyson continued emphasizing that the point of vaccination is to protect “the collective,” Bet-David insisted it was not preventative.

“The strain evolved,” Tyson argued. “So that the vaccine that prevented you from catching covid was tuned to the variant of Covid at the time, the vaccine was designed, okay. Over time there were variants that arose. The vaccine provided partial protection against the new variants enough to keep you from dying statistically.”


Neil DeGrasse Tyson is no longer a real scientist, he’s an ideologue.

Spoken like a true “government funded scientist.” They are always the smartest people in the room even when they are wrong.

People like Neil DeGrasse Tyson are taking science down a very dark road. Neil is the perfect example of why no critical thinker trusts “The Science” given what we saw and learned over the past 2 years. Neil is part of the machine. He can’t think outside of the box. Nor can he allow others around him to drift away from the official government narrative. He’s a shill.

Someone needs to tell Neil the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission. The transmission tests on humans were never performed. They instead tested it on animals and all the animals died. Then they rolled it out for humans. That isn’t science, that’s criminal tyranny.

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