JFK Revisited | Through The Looking Glass (2021)

Oliver Stone uses interviews and historical footage to make the case for a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK.

Greer shoots Kennedy after Kennedy had already been shot in the throat (by Greer) which caused JFK to clench his fists with upraised arms in front of his throat (seen very clearly in James Altgens #6 photo taken while he was standing in the street.

And on the Zapruder film as the limo emerges from behind the highway sign) and turns towards Jackie who was sitting to his left.

According to numerous witnesses, including Jean Hill (in red coat) and Mary Moorman (dark coat) – who were standing in the street at that moment only a few feet way (the doctored Zapruder film shows them standing on grass, but they were actually standing in the street just 3 or 4 feet from the limo as it passed them).

Greer had momentarily brought the limo to a complete stop after the throat shot, to next shoot Connally in the back to get him out of the line of fire, and then to finish JFK off with the fatal head shot in Zapruder frame 313.

He then withdrew the automatic to his left side, leaned forward a bit and sped off.

The rifle shot from the Grassy Knoll occurred AFTER the throat shot to divert attention towards the Grassy Knoll and away from the limo as Greer prepared to finish off Kennedy with the fatal head shot.

The head shot to Kennedy’s right forehead caused a massive expulsion of blood, brain matter, and skull fragments from the right rear of his cranium to spew onto the trunk of the limo, onto the hood and windshield of the black Secret Service Cadillac follow car (that was only 3-5 feet behind the limo), and onto the motorcycle and person of Dallas motorcycle police officer James M. Chaney who was riding his motorcycle just 3-5 feet away from the limo’s right rear quarter and flanking the right front fender of the Secret Service black Cadillac.

Declassified files related to President Kennedy’s assassination in a far larger context, aiming to shine more light on what really happened in 1963.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “My father wanted to convey a message to Premier Krushchev that our family knew that the Soviets were not involved in the assassination, that it was a right-wing plot from our own country… . The day that his brother died, my father’s first phone call was to the CIA desk officer at Langley, and he asked them, “Did your people conduct this horror?”

Stone deserves tremendous credit for this great documentary!

“JFK Revisited” delves deeply into inconsistencies in Kennedy’s autopsy, the handling of key pieces of evidence and Lee Harvey Oswald’s alleged ties to the CIA. And its deepest suspicions — not unlike “JFK” — lie in the U.S. intelligence services.

“I feel the most important is why President Kennedy was killed,” said Stone. “We answered with our evidence that he was going to withdraw from Vietnam. The détente with Cuba was in motion. The nuclear test ban treaty had been signed. He was looking for a détente with Russia. He was an anti-colonialist.”