Idaho Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Make It a Misdemeanor to Administer mRNA Vaccines

Some Idaho lawmakers are now looking into adding criminal charges for anyone who administers an mRNA vaccine, like a COVID or flu shot.

HB 154, if passed, would amend Idaho state code, by adding a new section to penalize anyone from administering an mRNA vaccine in the state, with a misdemeanor.

In Idaho, a misdemeanor offense is punishable by jail time or a fine.

“We are seeing more and more concerns rising because of the mRNA vaccine,” said Sen. Tammy Nichols, a republican from Middleton.

Nichols, one of the lawmakers sponsoring this bill, says she’s had concerns about the COCID-19 vaccine, because it was administered under an emergency use authorization, before receiving FDA approval.

The bill would essentially make it a misdemeanor for anyone to administer an mRNA vaccine, in the state of Idaho.

“We have issues that this was fast tracked. There’s no liability, there’s no access to data. The risk benefit analysis has not been done. There’s no informed consent,” Nichols said.

But other lawmakers in the bill’s hearing pointed out that the COVID vaccine, did get a full FDA approval after being fast tracked.

“They ultimately were approved under the ordinary approval process and did ultimately, you know, survive the scrutiny of being subjected to all the normal tests,” said Rep. Ilana Rubel, a democrat from Boise.

An mRNA vaccine uses “messenger RNA”, something we have in our own cells, to protect us against illness.

“It’s almost like a set of instructions. So your cells use these instructions to make proteins that your body needs, whether it’s just to basically function or it’s to protect itself against illnesses like COVID,” said Malia Nogle an epidemiologist with the Panhandle Health District.

Some examples of other mRNA vaccines include flu, rabies, zika shots, and scientists are even studying these vaccines to treat cancer.

But Senator Nichols says she’d like Idaho to go a different route.

“There’s multiple types of COVID shots that are available. The state of Idaho has used other types, there are other shots that we can utilize that do not have the mRNA in it,” Nichols said.

So far, the bill has just been introduced. It will still need a hearing and future vote in committee to make it to the house floor.

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