DOCTORS WARN OF MASS VAX DEATHS! – Heart Problems SKYROCKET! – Are People Waking Up?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the massive number of vaccine deaths occurring as doctors warn of increasing heart related trauma and death.

Cardiologists are warning that 7 million people are living in the United States with vaccine induced heart conditions, but the numbers appear to show that far more people are facing this problem today. There is a 4000% increase in heart conditions and death in the past 2 years. The correlation with the mass injection campaign cannot be shrugged off as a coincidence.

Any given day, you can search stories of sports stars dying on the field or after a game at home. Today, as we write this, an Algerian football player named Ben Idir Mehenni died suddenly on the field during the African Nations Championship.

Damar Hamlin is another great example, though since “recovering” he has refused to show his face leading many to believe he died and the NFL is covering it up.

While doctors are pointing out this massive increase in heart related death and cancer, governments worldwide who’ve succumb to the World Health Organization’s globalist treaty are looking for new ways to bring in forced vaccination as well as new Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs). In fact, just recently, the WHO with permission from the US government updated their tracking system to declare unvaccinated people “diseased” allowing the government to forcefully detain them.

This is just the beginning. As the governments of the world push for new tyrannical measures surrounding the climate like carbon credits and “15 Minute Cities,” the plandemic tyranny continues.